About us

Frische Mangos is the home of the best Indian mangoes in Germany.

Frische Mangos is the only German fresh fruit supplier, solely focused on the best widely sort after Indian mangoes varieties.

We have hand-picked the best 6 varieties of mangoes with superior quality from India. These fresh, juicy, tasty and fleshy mangoes are Ratnagiri Alphonso, Banganapalli, Dussehri, Kesar, Langda and Mulgoa.

We get a consistent supply of our mangoes directly from India every week from the best farms, under strict supervision and best conditions.

Our Mangoes are carefully and manually harvested and selected directly from the farms. They are naturally ripened without the use of any harmful chemicals.

All our mangoes are of superior quality, 100% fresh, ripened  naturally on the trees and carefully hand-picked.

At Frische Mangos, we store our mangoes in the best conditions to retain their natural flavour, taste and fragrance.

We maintain the highest level of hygiene because we are interested in the health of our customers. To ensure our commitment to the best standards, we sell only healthy fruits that have passed through our strict healthy verification processes. These keep our mangoes clean and spotless and good for your consumption.

Our Product 

The health and pleasure of our customers are our utmost priority. We offer only fresh and organic mangoes. No chemicals and preservatives used. Our mangoes are freshly harvested directly from the farm.

Our People 

Our team consist of people passionate about freshly stored and packed mangoes. They are trained in fruits handling and packaging, using clean and sanitized fruits crates and packages. They take measures to ensure that our mangoes are always fit for consumption.

Delivery Service

We ensure best practices in fruits handling and packaging. We keep our mangoes fresh until it gets to your doorstep. We deliver our fresh, tasty and aromatic mangoes to any location in Germany. Prompt delivery. It's our responsibility to bring your mangoes to your doorstep, sweet, spotless, without any scratches.

Our Goal

To serve our customers with only the freshest and organic varieties of mangoes. To keep the taste buds of mango lovers satisfied and asking for more by delivering juicy and fleshy mangoes straight from the farm.

Location: We are located in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.